Stanford Go2Market Program

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to commercialize your intellectual property, ideas, and research! Stanford Graduate School of Business is coming to Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) for a one-week Go2Market program that helps you take the leap from being an innovator with an idea to becoming an entrepreneur with a business. Taught by the same faculty who teach in Stanford MBA program, the Go2Market program will expose participants to leading-edge knowledge and frameworks in the areas such as business model strategy, pricing, accounting, marketing, go-to-market strategy, and pitching to investors. The end goal is to help you fully develop your go-to-market plan, as well as your pitching skills.

DEADLINE: 12 January 2017, 11:59PM


NEW DEADLINE: 21 January 2017, 11:59PM


12 Dec 2016 - 21 Jan 2017, 11:59PM

21 Jan - 1 Feb 2017

Complete online course by Stanford
Mid Feb - Early Mar 2017

Go2Market @ MaGIC, Cyberjaya
12 - 17 Mar 2017


Ahmad Salahuddin

"This program has helped me solidify the fuzziness of the concept that I have. A lot of questions and concepts that are taught in Go2Market really helped me to ensure that my idea is worthwhile to work on - it is scalable, commercial and sustainable to grow as a business."

Ahmad Salahuddin, Physio Savvy

Megat Elyas

"The program helped me re-strategise my approach because I have previously neglected some important points that I should look into, to start my business. I think it’s an awesome program."

Megat Elyas, Yumcious

Sean Goh

"The program has helped me in 3 different ways: (1) Think about the problem that I want to solve in a more structured and methodical way. (2) Discover problems that I have not thought of before - new problems that are not even on my radar. (3) Inspire me to think about entrepreneurship as a continuous learning journey - whether it’s learning from the Stanford professors or peers."

Sean Goh, ShopLynks

Penny Choo

"Stanford Go2 Market Program is really an eye opener especially for first time entrepreneurs. I feel really privileged to learn from prestigious leaders and lecturers from Silicon Valley. My learning curve grew exponentially. Most important of all, I am very glad that I build a great camaraderie with all the other participants. Today, we still keep in touch and continue to encourage each other in this entrepreneurial journey."

Penny Choo, BloomThis


40 slots available for Malaysians. 10 slots available for other ASEAN participants

All applicants will be considered, with preference given to those who have validated the idea (i.e. have real market data obtained from communicating to the target customer segments, proving that there is a demand for the innovation/ technology)

The innovation/technology should have the potential to expand regionally or globally

Must be able to attend the program everyday (8AM - 10PM) during 12 - 17 March 2017


Completed application form HERE

1 minute Pitch Video (uploaded on YouTube)

Recommendation: Focus on telling us succinctly about the problem you are trying to solve and how your innovation / technology will solve the problem.

The video should be of yourself explaining your innovation / technology, NOT a product demo clip. No advanced video editing is required. Content of your message is more important for our consideration. Make sure your voice is clear. The use of webcam or any handheld devices (e.g. phone, tablet) that record clear video and audio is highly encouraged

Pitch Deck (Maximum 8 slides), covering the following questions (recommendation: 1 slide per question)

  • Please describe your innovation/ technology in very simple terms (i.e. as if speaking to a primary school class)
  • Please explain the specific problem(s) or opportunities your innovation/ technology aims to address
  • What is the unique competitive advantage of your innovation/ technology? Who are your competitors?
  • Please highlight any intellectual property rights associated with this innovation/ technology (if any) and who owns these rights
  • What level of financial support or investment do you have for your innovation/technology? Please describe each investment.


Fully sponsored access to the 1-week program conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Business

Access to Design Thinking online course (to be completed prior to the 1-week program)

Participation in the final pitching session where participants get to present to panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and potential investors

Accommodation during the program duration

Certificate issued by Stanford Graduate School of Business upon successful completion of the program

Media exposure opportunities

DEADLINE: 12 January 2017, 11:59PM


NEW DEADLINE: 21 January 2017, 11:59PM


  1. How is this program different from the MaGIC e@Stanford Program?

    This program targets mainly participants who have yet to launch their product/service in the market.

  2. Can I join as a team (i.e. more than one person)?

    No, this program is designed for individuals. If you have a team, the strategy/ business co-founder is recommended to be the one applying for the program.

  3. I only have an idea or general concept but have yet to conduct any market research. Am I qualified for the program?

    Yes, you are encouraged to apply for the program, but do keep in mind that it would most benefit participants who have validated their ideas, and are planning to launch the ideas in the market next.

  4. I have already launched my product/ service, but am not gaining much traction. Could I still join this program to learn?

    Yes, you are encouraged to apply for this program that could potentially help you identify your problems and reformulate your go to market strategy.

  5. I am a researcher with a working prototype, but have no prior exposure to entrepreneurship. Will this program help me learn how to commercialise my research?

    Yes, you are encouraged to apply for this program that aims to guide you through the key factors required to bring your research effectively to the market.

  6. Can I apply and join the program with more than 1 idea/project?

    Yes, you can. However, please send in separate applications for different ideas/ projects (i.e. 1 application for 1 idea/project)

  7. I will not be able to attend the program from 8am-10pm everyday. Can I only attend selected sessions when I’m available?

    No, all selected participants are required to attend and complete all sessions.

  8. Does MaGIC or Stanford claim ownership of my innovation/technology if I participate in this program?

    No, we do not claim ownership of your innovation/technology.

  9. I was one of the participants in previous programs organized by MaGIC. Am I eligible to apply again for this program?

    Yes, you are encouraged to apply for this program if you believe that this program will be beneficial to you.

  10. If I am a successful applicant but can’t attend just before the program’s commencement due to unforeseen circumstances, can I give my seat to another team member?

    No, your spot will be given to other participants in the waiting list. Please note if you have accepted the offer and decided to drop from the program, your actions may affect your applications to any of MaGIC's future programs.

If you have any other enquiries, do drop us an email at

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