MaGIC e@Stanford 2017 FAQ


  1. If I’m applying or currently attending the Global Accelerator Program (GAP) that will be running from July to October 2017 onwards, am I still be able to apply for this MaGIC e@Stanford Program?

    No, the e@Stanford Program will be running concurrently with GAP.

  2. Am I required to pay to participate in this program?

    You will need to pay for your flight tickets, travel insurance, own meals and US visa. The visa cost is ~RM 650/pax (and travel insurance costs ~RM150/pax). Other costs (i.e. accommodation and local transportation in the US during the program duration) will be sponsored by MaGIC.

  3. Can I apply to join this program if I’m a foreigner running a startup in Malaysia?

    No, all participants have to be Malaysians.

  4. Can I apply to join this program with more than one idea?

    No, this is because you will be required to work with your co-founder to apply what you have learned to one idea throughout the program.

  5. Can I apply to join this program if I only have a conceptual idea without any validation?

    No, this program would be most useful to the founders who have validated their ideas, and preferably launched their products/ services in the market.

  6. Can I join the program by myself without a co-founder?

    Yes, we accept a maximum of two co-founders from each startup.

  7. How many people from my startup can join the program together?

    Up to two co-founders from a startup will be accepted for the program.

  8. If I was part of the 2014, 2015, or 2016 cohort, am I still eligible to apply again this year?

    No, we would like to give other entrepreneurs the same opportunity that you had.

  9. Can I extend my stay in the US after the program?

    Yes, you can make your own travel arrangements after the program. However, do note that MaGIC is no longer responsible for any costs and expenses incurred after the program.

  10. Will MaGIC assist in the US Visa application?

    Yes, MaGIC will provide support letter to each individual who needs to apply for the US B-1/B-2 visa. Do take note that you are responsible to make the payments for the Visa (~RM 650/pax) and book interview slots on your own.

  11. What happen after the trip? Any follow-ups?

    Yes, adhering to one of MaGIC’s goals, which is to build a collaborative startup community, we will be hosting multiple knowledge sharing sessions after the trip to Stanford and Silicon Valley. e@Stanford participants are required to attend and share their key learning and how they applied the knowledge to their startups.
    In addition, MaGIC will also follow and track the performance of these startups for a whole year after the trip.

  12. Why Stanford University?

    Stanford University is one of the leading education institutions in entrepreneurship. According to the University Entrepreneurship Report published by CB Insights, startups led by Stanford graduates raised the highest amount of funding from venture capitalists and angel investors. In addition, Stanford is also located in Silicon Valley, giving our participants the opportunity to network in Silicon Valley while attending the program at Stanford campus.

  13. Why Silicon Valley?

    Silicon Valley is the world’s largest innovation hub with the highest number of startups. We are not trying to copy Silicon Valley, but giving our local startups the opportunity to expand their thinking globally, and get to know and network with potential global investors or partners in Silicon Valley which could help bring their business to the next level.
    If you have any other enquiries, please email to

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